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Book Samirah LaRosa for your next event and I will assure you that the audience will be truly entertained. 

Currently Samirah LaRosa is performing at colleges/universities and nonprofit events at NO COST.

For booking information please contact

Frank Hall

Samirah Larosa is undeniably a true all around entertainer, as stated by those who have witnessed her perform.  While making the crowd scream with her fancy footwork or mesmerizing them with her sophisticated lyrics, this young queen has exactly what it takes to be a successful artist in the entertainment world.

Samirah has roots in Florida, New York City, North Carolina and Kentucky. She gained the name “Miss Classy” from fans of first debut record, titled “Classy”.  Her stage presence is flawless, along with excellent crowd control and with ongoing lyrics to back it up. 

            Samirah has always had a love for entertaining by dancing her way into hearts alongside her older brother, Aunsha Hall.  In Spring 2006, Samirah reunited with her younger brother, Frankie “LP Yung G” Hall, who further inspired to perfect her craft in making good music to entertain people.

            When this young woman appears on stage, her presence alone demands the respect and undivided attention of an audience.  Once the industry gives her an opportunity to make her career successful, she may potentially be the next starving artist, and be the best entertainer the world has imagined!

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